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New Drimee Horse Solarium arriving soon!

A little bit of luxury for our liveries and their horses, our new Drimee Sunburst Solarium 3 will arrive mid-October just before the winter chills set in.
It can be used to quickly dry wet or damp horses which can help avoid muscle damage & tightening up. During winter days, when sunlight is limited and horses are stabled more, regular light therapy sessions can be used to help your horse’s health and wellbeing Owners have found that using the solarium for 15 minutes before exercise (to warm and prepare your horse’s back muscles), then following up with another dose after exercise (to help break down the lactic acid that causes muscles to tighten and pull) to be extremely beneficial. Clipping in the warmth is a pleasure for you and your horse and visits from the Physio can be enhanced by the heat and infrared lights
We hope that you find it a useful tool in keeping your horse healthy and happy.

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